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For quite some years Mirzapur has been a destination for tourists, particularly for people from adjoining states, owing mainly to the ghats, temples, the famous clock tower (Ghanta Ghar) which are excellent examples of contemporary architecture.


A few miles away from the city is a site of a pilgrimage for Hindus known as Vindhyachalwhere according to the mythology a part of Sati (an Avatar of Durga) fell. The river Ganges flows through this city. Other sites of pilgrimage include Kali Khoh (literally 'the cave of the Goddess Kali') where a statue of the Kali has a mouth formed in the shape of a cave, hence the name. Very close to the city is a waterfall.

Other famus place is...

Ghanta Ghar (Clock Tower), Ghats, Ojhala Bridge...

Our intitute is 20 km from railway station and Bus travels directly from the station to institute. Citi bus stops infront of the College on Road.


To become an institute of great repute, in the fields of teaching. offering a full range of programmes of global standard, and to transform the students into globally competent.we personalitiesbelieves to be a unified institute, contributing strongly to the sustainable development of students in all the departments. Our vision is to generate confident individuals who contribute to the society, with a holistic approach." Our vision is to generate perfect professionals, with complete employment capabilities, sense of responsibilities and a blend for their right.

  To Mould minds of young scholars towards attainment of wisdom.


We committed to excellence and shall continuously strive to set new benchmarks in the fields of education and research. At our institute we aim to provide meaningful education to our students by innovation our pedagogy, which will further enable our students to develop into achievement oriented professionals with holistic concerns for ethics and Society.

  To inculcate humanity and discipline in various fields of life.

  To Prepare the students for jobs.

  T0 Develop the students as responsible citizens of the country.

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